Woodcutters Trail – Cape Town

Woodcutters Trail, Newlands Forest, Cape Town

The Woodcutters trail in Newlands Forest is one of the prettiest, beginner friendly trails in the Cape Town area. The whole trail runs along the base of the forest which means no big hills to climb. The whole path passes under dense indigenous and crosses numerous streams. The trail provides plenty of shade on hot summer days and great shelter from the rain and wind on wintery days. Underfoot you will experience smooth gravel paths, easy to run rocky sections and wooden boardwalks. The distance is approximately 6 kilometres although there are many options to shorten or lengthen the route.

There are usually plenty of other dog walkers and joggers about, with the fire base adding extra security to the route.

The parking area is accessible directly off the M3 highway. Take the turn off to the “Newlands Fire Base” about one kilometres South of the turnoff to Rhodes memorial. There is also always plenty of parking making this a great option for a quick after work run.

Even though the trail is listed here as a beginner trail, it is also a great option for racing snakes wanting to work on their trail speed.

Quick Trail Info

parking Safe parking : Yes

access fee Access fee : No

safe trail Safe trail to run alone : Yes

challenging Technical/Challenging/Knee-breaker : No

steep Steep Uphills/Climbs and Descents : No

wet Going to get wet : No. In winter after heavy rains you might get your feet wet at one or two of the streams, but they can mostly be crossed by stepping stones.

Beginner Beginner friendly : Yes

view  Great View : No, you are in a secluded forest. Very scenic Forest Run.

length Trail distance : +- 6km

coffee Suggested coffee shop/retaurant nearby : The Creamery in Dean St