Contour Path – Cape Town

Kloof Nek Corner to Devils Peak via the Contour path, Tafelberg Road, Cape Town

This route provides a great variety of views of both the ocean and the city. The climb up to Kloof Nek corner is long, but not too steep. The path is stepped all the way and fitter runners will be able to run most of the way up.  At the top you are rewarded with views of both Camps Bay and the City. From Kloof Nek corner you head towards Devils Peak along the contour which runs parallel to Tafelberg road. The path is fairly flat and firm underfoot making for easy running and plenty of chance to enjoy the views. You have a number of options to exit onto Tafelberg road depending on how long you want to run for (in fact you can follow the contour all the way to Constantia Nek!).  You can choose between following the tar road back to your car or adding a hilly detour through Deer park. For an extra challenge, there is also the option of an extra out and back loop to the top of devils peak and back down again. A great intermediate challenge for those wanting an easily accessible medium to long run.

The route is very well marked with maps at all the intersections making this route very easy to navigate. One warning is that this side of the mountain gets very hot in summer and there is no water so head out early. The path is usually very quiet and would advise not going it alone.

The parking area is accessible directly off the Kloof Nek road.  At the top of Kloof Nek where you turn onto Tafelberg road, there is a parking immediately on your left. To cut out a bit of the first hill, you can also continue up Tafelberg road and just after the first bend you will find a parking area which is right at the entrance to the Kloof Nek corner path.

Quick Trail Info

parking Safe parking : Yes

access fee Access fee : No

safe trail Safe trail to run alone : No

challenging Technical/Challenging/Knee-breaker : No

steep Steep Uphills/Climbs and Descents : Yes

wet Going to get wet : No

Beginner Beginner friendly : No

view  Great View : Yes

length Trail distance : 9km